INSHELF is our shelf edge display which mounts underneath and in front of your 4 foot Lozier or other standard retail gondola shelves. Two side-by-side installed INSHELF240 displays matches our INCAP480 perfectly, crea􀆟ng an amazing experience. With the display electronics hidden under the
shelf the slim display can be angled depending on the shelf height for a perfect viewing angle. Addi􀆟onally the INSHELF and other INSTORESCREEN smart retail products support daisy chain func􀆟onality, saving you money, licenses and complexity by driving up to 24 displays from a single computer.

The INSHELF240 shelf edge display is the ideal POS enhancer for all 4 feet shelves.
- Extremely bright and high resolu􀆟on provides a vibrant and colorful experience.
- Easy to install allowing merchandisers and service technicians to do the job quickly.
- Sturdy retail design, hardened glass front, resistant to harsh retail cleaning solvents.
- Several different moun􀆟ng op􀆟mizes the customer experience.
- Daisy chain allows for up to 24 displays to connect to one computer and license.
- Designed for retail allowing for a safe and long las􀆟ng investment.